It’s been a long few weeks folks, but the truck is on it’s way!  It left the Dearborn Ford factory on August 5th and is currently steaming across middle-America on it’s way home to the pacific NorthWest.  ETA should put the truck here early next week.  I’ve officially named the truck. This is hereby officially now: PROJECT IRONHIDE.  As a huge fan of the Transformers since I was a kid, this has been one of my favorite of all characters and the supreme Autobot Combat Veteran.  Little known fact, Ironhide was at one point an F-series pickup truck. So yes folks, Michael Bay sold out to GM by taking their cash and making Ironhide a GMC Dually (a bad ass looking one at that), but nonetheless, a GMC.  I’m hereby taking Ironhide back and giving him a proper chassis where it belongs…ON A FORD!  🙂